The Clash Before Christmas 6

December 10th, 2022

Berkshire Family YMCA

North Adams, MA



On December 10th 2016, Truly Independent Wrestling crammed a little over 100 people into a small Church bingo hall in downtown Pittsfield Massachusetts for our first event, "The Clash Before Christmas". Exactly 6 years later, this past Saturday, over 300 strong came out for "The Clash Before Christmas 6". The show actually had to start 15 minutes later than scheduled because there were still fans coming through the doors and we didn't want anybody to miss a minute of the action. And now, for those of our fans who weren't able to make the trek out, we're here to give you the rundown of what happened at our 6th anniversary event!
The show started with General Manager "The Wolf" C.J. Scott coming down to the ring dressed as Santa Claus. He thanked the audience for being there to support TIW through the good times and bad, before calling out the TIW Champion Justin Kase. When Tyler Vincent retired last show, Wolf retired the original TIW Championship Belt as a token of respect to TV. And he started the night presenting Justin with the new Championship Belt. He then called out the roster to begin the Deck the Halls Battle Royal.
The match started with Shawn Phoenix declaring that Foxx Vinyer had lasted the longest in the Rumble at the last show and was therefore the biggest threat, so they should all get him out. And it worked. The entire ring banded together to eliminate Foxx. They then also tossed Phoenix for good measure. Several new faces made a strong showing in the match, including Big Juicy, who came down to the final 4 before being eliminated by Scotty Aero. Justin Rando then eliminated Scotty. And it came down to Rando and Sweet Money Montgomery. Money attempted to bribe Rando into letting him win so that he could go on to face Justin Kase for the TIW Championship. (Kase was not guaranteed to be champion at the end of the night, but Money had his own plans.) While Rando was asking the crowd if he should accept the bribe, Sweet Money took the decision out of his hands by attacking him from behind and dumping him over the top rope.
Sweet Money Montgomery wins the Deck the Halls Battle Royal.
When presented with the trophy that goes to the winner every year, Money wanted nothing to do with it. As per the stipulation on the match he will receive a title match at Snow Brawl on January 21st.
The next match was the Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Due to a bout of the flu, Tough Tim Hughes was unable to attend the event. As such Brutal Bob Evans teamed up with Alex Caine who was making his return to active wrestling in the match, having participated in both the TIW Rumble and Deck the Halls Battle Royal.
Brutal Bob Evans & Alex Caine defeated The Dillon Street Boys and Southern Discomfort by pinfall.
Up next Scotty Aero made his way to the ring for the Scotty Aero Open Challenge Match. The Challenge was accepted by Brody Jackson...and then Kris Jackson...and then Damian Slade...and then Jeff Nova. Scotty then announced that with the four of them out there, they didn't need him and he left the ring to go do commentary. So the Scotty Aero Open Challenge match took place with 100% less Scotty Aero.
Jeff Nova defeated Brody Jackson, Kris Jackson, & Damian Slade in a fatal four way match by pinning Brody.
After the match, Scotty Aero ran back down to the ring and took out Nova. Due to him not actually having a match at the show, he didn't lose and therefore is undefeated in TIW in 2022.
The following match was the Tag Team Championship Ladder Match. Due to Denim coming down with the flu (it's going around), Corey Jackson was tapped as his replacement for the match. And boy did he pay for it, being Powerbombed through a ladder and going through a table on the floor. Corey and Adam Stone put up a good fight and were almost able to pull it off, but in the end Russtache was able to counted a brass knuckles shot from Stone and steal them to knock Adam off the top of the ladder through a table before accending the ladder...
Carnivora defeated C&A to become the NEW TIW Tag Team Champions!
After the match the new Champs laid out the challenge to any teams in the northeast to come try taking the title from them.
We came back from intermission to the Last Man Standing Match. This was a brutal contest between two men who do not like one another. If you are a fan of hard hitting action, make sure to check this one out when the video is posted. It was either man's match right up until the end.
Aaron Roxas defeated Black Roze with a Curb Stomp into the exposed bottom turnbuckle.
Pierre Vachon & Samuel Bolt w/Lucy Bolt, newly christened The Alliance of Violence came down to the ring for their match. Vachon took the opportunity to insult the fans in attendance before telling Bolt that this match was his first test. Zeiden Lynne was out next, followed by Redneck Randy Walker, who brought back-up in the form of his sister Brandy. In the match Vachon refused to tag himself in, forcing Bolt to do all the work against Walker and Lynne, even going so far as to slap Bolt to get him angered up. Brandy and Lucy also got into it on the floor, with Lucy being on the receiving end of some stiff chops. In the end however, after hitting Walker with a Black Hole Slam and going for the pin, Vachon demanded that Bolt tag him in.
The Alliance of Violence defeated Randy Walker & Zeiden Lynne by submission when Vachon forced Walker to pass out in a combintaion Cobra Clutch/Mandible Claw.
Shawn Phoenix and TIW Berkshire Champion (And Pirate King of the Berkshires) Benjamin Blackwell were out next. Jimmy Limits came to ringside saying that his past actions had finally caught up with him. He had burned all his bridges and nobody would come be his partner so he was going to go it alone. But just before he could make his way into the ring, familiar music played. With the pop of a confetti cannon Foxx Vinyer made his way down to the ring to reunite the EchoBoomers. The EchoBoomers were on the very first TIW show 6 years ago, but have not teamed together in many years. Not since Limits' first reign as TIW Champion.
The EchoBoomers defeated SeaFire when Limits pinned Phoenix.
Post match Blackwell challenged Limits to a rematch at Snow Brawl, to prove that his win over Limits wasn't a fluke. So it looks like that match WILL be taking place in less than 6 weeks.
And then it was time for the Main Event. While Senior Official Adam Brunton was displaying the belt to both Jamar Justice and Justin Kase, Jamar stole the Championship and struck Kase in the head with it. The referees attempted to tell Justin he was in no condition to defend the title, but Justin waved them off and demanded they start the match. Jamar brutalized Justin the whole match, but couldn't keep him down with legitimate means so he resorted to putting his feet on the ropes for additional leverage.
Jamar Justice pinned Justin Kase to become the NEW TIW Champion...
BUT WAIT!!! Sweet Money Montgomery came out of the crowd with his phone where he had been recording the match and showed the footage to Adam. Adam ordered the match restarted and 2 Kase Closed kicks later...
Justin Kase pinned Jamar Justice to retain the TIW Championship!
And that's how it all went down folks. Six whole years later, TIW is still going strong. We would like to humbly thank everyone who came out the see us. We would also like to thank all of you who follow us online. Special Thanks to all of our staff and workers, without whom we would not be able to do this. And a special thanks to the Berkshire Family YMCA for giving us a home when we had spent several years with no place to run our events.
"Snow Brawl" is just under 6 weeks away and we so far know 2 matches...
TIW Berkshire Championship
Jimmy Limits vs Benjamin Blackwell (c)
Main Event
TIW Championship Match
Sweet Money Montgomery vs Justin Kase (c)
But there's still so much more. What is next for the new Tag Champs. Aaron Roxas has put his feud with Black Roze to bed, what's next for him. Will any of those new faces from the Battle Royal be there? Keep your eyes tuned to this page for updates. Or head on over to our website and get your tickets now!
Happy Holidays and we'll see you all next year!
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