April Assault Recap


We're just 24 hours removed from "April Assault", and if you weren't there you really missed out. But, have no fear! We're here to clue you all in on how it all went down. But there's no way to replicate the feeling of being there, LIVE. And with End of the Road coming in just 8 weeks, we've already got 2 matches ready to announce. But I digress, here are your quick results for "April Assault"
The night started out hot, when "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent interrupted new ring announcer Evan Jones before he could get to the first match of the evening. TV explained to the newer members of our audience his significance to TIW histroy. And he was in the process of calling out TIW Champion Justin Kase for their face-to-face confrontation, when he, himself, was interrupted by Denim Kovic and Adam Stone (D&A). They were there to complain that they should actually be the Tag Team Champions as in the match at Back to Business they pinned the longest reigning TIW Tag Team Champions "with one punch" and if the match hadn't been elimination they would have the Titles already. And that perhaps they needed to beat up the first ever Champion in TIW to get their recognition. They rushed the ring and attcked TV, when Justin Kase ran to the ring to help his friend. After D&A vacated the ring General Manager C.J. Scott came out and decided to set up a tag team match for the nights main event, D&A vs Justin Kase & Tyler Vincent.
In the opening match Jimmy Limits defeated Jeff Nova via pinfall.
The Dillon Street Boys (Corey Busch & Sean Miller) defeated Southern Discomfort (Bobby & Dougy) via disqualification when Miller attempted to strike Dougy with a chair, only to have it rebound into his own face and knock him out. Dougy caught the chair and was berating Miller when referee Adam Brunton saw the unconcious Miller and Dougy with the chair and called for the DQ.
Jamar Justice defeated High Voltage Omar when Pillar Dominguez threw in the towel while HVO was trapped in a submission and refused to give up.
Carnivora (Danny Atom & Russtache) vs Benjamin Blackwell & Shawn Phoenix to reatain the TIW Tag Team Championships by pinfall.
Guy Sadlowski defeated Ryan Duke & Corey Jackson to reatin the TIW Berkshire Championship by submitting Duke. Jackson was about to break up the move when Jimmy Limits ran out and attacked him.
Scotty Aero defeated the Rickety Rocket by submission in the Scotty Aero Open Challenge Match.
Samuel Bolt defeated Pierre Vachon via disqualification when Vachon shoved the referee and attacked Bolt with a chain-wrapped club.
And in the main event D&A defeated Tyler Vincent and Justin Kase by pinfall. Adam Stone was setting up to use his Brass knuckles on Kase when he was intercepted by TV. Kase went to hit Stone with the Kasekick when Stone pulled TV into the kick instead. While the ref was checking on TV, Stone hit Kase with the Knukcles and then he and Denim hit their finisher and pinned him.
After the match Vincent got in Kase's face over the kick. Justin refused to fight Tyler and left the ring, but TV followed him up the aisle at which point, all hell broke loose. Justin threw Tyler into a bin of production equipment and started raining down blows on him, but TV turned it around and threw Justin up against the gym wall. Ref Adam ran to the back for help and a few guys came out to separate them, including Damon Ravage coming off commentary and Brutal Bob Evans coming away from his gimmick table. But when the fighting broke out again, General Manager C.J. Scott called for the whole locker room to break it up. He then got in the ring and announced that if they wanted to fight so bad, they could, but he wasn't willing to take a chance on anybody else getting hurt and so the match would take place at End of the Road and would take place inside of a steel cage.
It was a very intense way to end the night and left some audience members shaken by the violence on display between the two men. 
So, at End of the Road we have two title matches already signed...
TIW Tag Team Championship
D&A vs Carnivora (c)
TIW Championship
Steel Cage Match
Tyler Vincent vs Justin Kase (c)
We will be announcing more matches in the coming weeks. "End of the Road" has traditionally been our biggest event of the year, and you don't want to miss out. Tickets are available NOW!
Thank you to everyone who came out last night. And everyone who wasn't able to make the trip, make sure not to miss out on End of the Road!



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