Fall Frenzy​

October 29th, 2022

Berkshire Family YMCA

North Adams, MA



"Fall Frenzy" went down less than 48 hours ago. And it was nothing short of a historic evening. 200+ fans packed into the Berkshire Family YMCA in North Adams to see TIW history forever altered. But, what about our fans who weren't able to make it to the show? Have no fear, we are here with your results, so strap in, it's going to be a wild ride.
The show opened with the TIW Rumble. Foxx Vinyer and Shawn Phoenix started things off. By the time the match had ended we saw a few debuts, a few shocking returns and a new number one contender to the TIW CHampionship crowned. Names debuting consisited of Kris Jackson, Taylor OneShot, Thunder, Brody Jackson, Johan Nara, Mike Cheese, and Don Freeze. Jiggie Sosa was scheduled to make his debut, but when his music played and he never came out longtime TIW fan/current staff member/offical for the Rumble match Jakob Wood attempted to seize the opportunity at a title shot. Things did not go so well as he was dumped over the top rope by Denim Kovic in relatively quick fashion, but hey we all gotta start somewhere. One of two surprise in ring returns came in the former of surrent TIW commentator and former unhinged madman "The Savage" Damon Ravage, who got up from the commentary table to partake in the Rumble and after his elimination resumed commentary duties. The second was the return ofr MuTts member Alex Caine who hasn't been seen in TIW in a very long time, this was Caine's first time in the ring in years, but he came out ready for action. But his time in the ring was cut short by the eventual winner. The bad blood between Aaron Roxas and Black Roze was again front and center as both men wound up eliminatiing each other at the same time. Redneck Randy Walker and Zeiden Lynne got a modicum of revenge for what happened at "Showdown in September" by eliminating Pierre Vachon before all 3 men brawled to the back. The record for least time in the ring for the evening was held by Silvero Castro with 5 seconds. His tag partner Pinto Negro clocked in at 3 times as long with 15. The longest Time goes to Firework Foxx Vinyer who started the match at number one, lasting 50 Minutes and 29 seconds. The Final 4 came down to Benjamin Blackwell, Jimmy Limits, Foxx Vinyer and Jamar Justice. After catch Blackwell off guard and eliminating him Limits told him that he would also be taking his Berkshire Championship later in the night. The former partners Limits and Foxx determined to work together and eliminate Jamar so that one of the would be the winner, but after Jamar pulled Foxx's bandana down over his eyes Foxx accidentally eliminated Limits instead. And then there were two. Jamar and Foxx fought hard, both winding up on the apron before Jamar was able to counter Foxx with a Stun Gun on the tope rope and eliminate him.
2022 TIW Rumble Winner and Number One Contender for the TIW Championship - Jamar Justice
Coming back from intermission, we went into the Scotty Aero Open Challenge Match, where the challenge was accepted by Shawn Phoenix, who Scotty had eliminated from the Rumble earlier in the night. Phoenix was accompanied by Benjamin Blackwell and for once we saw Aero at a disadvantage with someone else pulling the same underhanded tactics he normally would. But in the end he was able to use Blackwell's interference to his own advantage and score a victory.
Scotty Aero defeated Shawn Phoenix by submission.
After a last minute change to the lineup due to Adam Stone contracting COVID. The Tag Title Match was postponed, but the match that took place determined who would pick the stipulation for the Title Match at the next show. Denim chose for his partner Corey Jackson. Due to ref PJ's vision being blocked during a roll up, she counted a 3 even though Corey Jackson was able to get his far shoulder up. The match was called for Carnivora. Instead of appealing the decision Denim attempted to use his Brass knucks , but was cut short and therefore the referee's decision stands.
Carnivora defeated Denim Kovic & Corey Jackson by pinfall
Post match Atom announced that at "The Clash Before Christmas 6" the Tag Team Championships would be decided in a Ladder Match.
In the Berkshire Championship Match. Limits was visibly hurt after his time in the Rumble, but was still determined to take the Championship from Blackwell. And perhaps he could have done it, were it not for interference from Shawn Phoenix, who snuck into the ring and hit Limits with a low blow, allowing Blackwell to capitalize and retain the Championship.
TIW Berkshire Championship
Benjamin Blackwell(c) defeated Jimmy Limits by pinfall to retain the Championship.
After the match Limits challenged Blackwell and Phoenix (Collectively known as SeaFire) to a tag team match at the next show saying that he would find himself a partner "...Maybe somebody I used to tag with, maybe somebody I never tagged with..."
In the main event, things became absolute chaos. With both men's careers on the line, Justin Kase and Tyler Vincent pull out all the stops to be the one with their hand raised at the end of the night. This match cannot be described in words. It has to be seen to be believed. Fighting all over the building and using anything they could get their hands on from tombstones to tables. But at the end of the night, only one man was left standing.
Career vs Career
TIW Championship Match
Justin Kase defeated Tyler Vincent to regain the Championship.
Per the stipulation, Tyler Vincent is now retired from professional wrestling competition.
***If you believe heavily in kayfabe or don't want a peek behind the curtain so to speak you can stop reading now.***
After the match was over and Justin's celebration was finished he returned to the ring to hug Tyler Vincent and thank him for being a great opponent these last 6 months. And as TV stood in the ring a video package began with well wishes from TIW Students who TV had touched the lives of. Former opponents that had amazing matches with him. Former promoters he had worked for. Some of his closest friends. And then the General Manager of TIW C.J. Scott came out to thank him for everything he has done for the company and to declare "...because you were the first person to hold this Championship, you'll be the last, because this belt is being retired, it is yours." while presenting him with the TIW Championship belt that has been in use since TV won it back at "End of the Road" 2017. And with the the in ring career of "Mr Must See" Tyler Vincent came to an end.
***You may resume your kayfabe reading now.***
So that leads us down the road. Less than six weeks until the sixth anniversary show "The Clash Before Christmas 6". We already know three matches slated for the card. And with the old Championship Belt being retired, the General Manager will start the show by presenting the NEW TIW Champion with the NEW TIW Championship Belt.
Main Event
TIW Championship Match
Jamar Justice vs Justin Kase(c)
Ladder Match
TIW Tag Team Championships
Carnivora vs D&A(c)
SeaFire vs Jimmy Limits & ???
And with the General Manager finally coming back we should be seeing match announcements more frequently than during the 4 months he was gone.
Keep your eyes on this page this week as we have several videos to release, including one of a backstage altercation between Jamar Justice and Justin Kase. We will also have a poll for you fans which will allow you to decide a match for "The Clash Before Christmas 6".
Thank you all again for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to entertain you well into 2023 and beyond!


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