End of the Road 2022

We're 2 days removed from TIW presents "End of the Road" and if you weren't there, you really missed out on a historic night! But that's why we're here now, to give you the rundown of what took place and who are your new Champions. With over 200 people in attendance, we'd like to thank everybody who DID make it out on a warm evening to see our performers bring their A games and tear the house down. But enough are you quick results for TIW's "End of the Road".
TIW Hype Man for the evening was Shawn Jacobs.
Ring announcer for the evening was Evan Jones.
Officials for the evening were Senior Official Adam Brunton & Mike Falvo
Scotty Aero defeated Jeff Nova by submission in the Scotty Aero Open Challenge Match.
Aaron Roxas was the Sole Survivor in the Fresh vs Familiar 4-on-4 giving the win to Team Fresh (Roxas, Ryan Fraust, Jay Bryxx, and debuting Ting Shi).
Order of elimination is as follows...
Pierre Vachon eliminated Ting Shi
Pierre Vachon was disqualified for putting his hands on the referee
Ryan Fraust eliminated Rickety Rocket
Jon Spoor Eliminated Ryan Fraust
Jay Bryxx eliminated Jon Spoor
Black Roze eliminated Jay Bryxx
Aaron Roxas eliminated Black Roze to secure the win.
After his disqualification Pierre Vachon joined Damon Ravage and Jonny Patches on commentary.
Samuel Bolt defeated Kountry Korbin by pinfall after striking him with a sledgehammer while the ref was down.
After the match Bolt continued beating Korbin down until Pierre Vachon hit the ring. He helped up Korbin only to knock him back down and make an offer to Bolt to join him and learn from him how to be a real monster in the professional wrestling business. He gave him until August 6th to decide.
Coming out of our first intermission there was a slight delay due to audio issues on commentary, but we got rolling and headed right into the Dignified Collide.
Jamar entered first, alone having decided that Ryan Duke didn't deserve his spot and Jamar would be the sole member of the Dignified after the match. He attacked Pillar Dominguez during his entrance and smashed his ankle with a chair inside the steel ring steps. This may have actually led to his downfall as Jamar tweaked his own knee during the attack and was noticeably off a step throughout the match. Pillar was taken to the back to be attended to by the medical staff. HVO made his entrance and proceeded to brawl with Jamar. Eventually Dominguez made his return to ringside with a bandaged ankle. Which led to...
High Voltage Omar & Pillar Dominguez defeated Jamar Justice via pinfall.
Jamar was helped to the back and left the building to go have medical imaging done. We will update his condition as we find out more.
During the entrances for the next match we suffered yet another technical difficulty and the wrestlers had to enter without their entrance music. Jimmy Limits took the opportunity to tell Guy that he was sorry things had gotten messed up between them and didn't mean for Guy to think he was interfering in his matches because he didn't think Guy could get the job done.
Guy Sadlowski retained the TIW Berkshire Championship over Jimmy Limits, Sweet Money Montgomery, and Corey Jackson by forcing Jackson to tap out.
D&A defeated Carnivora by pinfall to win the TIW Tag Team Championships. Before the match started Senior Official Adam Brunton found a pair of brass knuckles in Denim's coat and gave them to Head of Security Dan Duffy to remove them from ringside. But near the end of the match Denim produced a second set and used them to knock out Russtache allowing Adam Stone to pin him and gain the Tag Titles.
During the second intermission to set up the Steel Cage, General Manager C.J. Scott read a text from Benjamin Blackwell mocking him for the sound equipment issues they were having. And to announce that he would be doing his special "Jars of Dirt" and raffle at our next event August 6th.
The main event was up next. This match was brutal. It was intense. It was everything we thought it could be and more. But in the end...
Tyler Vincent defeated Justin Kase to win the TIW Championship by Escaping the Cage.
Kase had the match won after Kasekicking Vincent off the top rope. He was ascending the cage and was just about the start his decent to the floor when Sweet Money Montgomery came out of the crowd and handcuffed him to the top of the cage, allowing TV to crawl out the door and become the first 3 time TIW Champion. All 3 times won at "End of the Road". TV got back in the cage to confront Sweet Money, only to shake his hand and reveal that they were in cahoots the whole time. GM C.J. Scott got in the ring an attempted to confront TV only to be laid out with a belt shot. Damon Ravage ran in from commentary to check on his brother and Scott had to helped from the ring and too the back. Justin was eventually uncuffed from the cage and told the crowd that he would be going back after Tyler Vincent, but first he wanted to deal with Sweet Money on August 6th.
And with that "End of the Road" is in the record books. We have new Tag Team Champions and a new TIW Champion. Guy Sadlowski hung onto his title. What is in store for the Champions at "Beat the Heat"? Former TIW Champion Justin Kase has already set his sights on Sweet Money Montgomery. HVO & Pillar Dominguez are now The Dignified. What about former Tag Champs Carnivora? Team Fresh won their match, will we be seeing any of them make an impact at our next event? What is the condition of Jamar Justice? What about General Manager "The Wolf" C.J. Scott?
Keep your eyes here for updates on all these questions as they become available.
And thank you all for supporting Truly Independent Wrestling. We love you all!


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