Battle in the Berkshires '23 Recap

Battle in the Berkshires

July 15th, 2023

Berkshire Family YMCA

North Adams, Mass



What a weekend it was for TIW! We returned to the Berkshire Family YMCA in North Adams for "Battle in the Berkshires" and the night was full of surprises. Let's get right down to it, these are your results for "Battle in the Berkshires"!
The show opened with Damon Ravage presenting Scotty Aero with the TIW Championship belt. Damon and Scotty were dressed to the nines, which they should be congratulated for if for no reason other than due to the oppressive heat in building. They were interrupted by Justin Kase who had been invited to the festivities earlier in the week. Justin feigned interest in joining them for a drink only to toss the drink in Scotty's face. This led to them attacking him. Tyler Vincent ran out to make the save and chase off Ravage and Aero. Before the Champ and his lackey could disappear backstage General Manager C.J. Scott came out to announce that he had suspected this might happen and he now had a match picked for his main event. Because he knew that Ravage and Vincent wouldn't be able to stay out of it the match would be fought under No Disqualification rules. Once everybody cleared out the show proper could begin.
Brody Jackson defeated Kris Jackson by pinfall
The next match was scheduled to be THe Alliance of Violence vs Southern Discomfort, but Samuel Bolt came out without Pierre Vachon. Vachon then cut a promo from backstage saying that this was a test for Bolt. He needed to win this match on his own or Vachon would end their partnership.
Samuel Bolt defeated Southern Discomfort by pinfall
Up next was the match to decide if The MuTts would earn a Tag Team Title Match.
August Leon w/Alex Caine defeated Russtache w/Danny Atom by pinfall.
Atom had been ejected from ringside early in the match and Alex Caine revealed that he had been faking the severity of his neck injury by attacking Russtache while the ref was distracted. Per the pre-match stipulation the MutTs will challenge for the TIW Tag Team Championships at "Beat the Heat".
The Fatal-Four-Way Match was up next and the ring announcer announced that the winner would receive a shot at the TIW Berkshire Championship at the next show.
Foxx Vinyer defeated Richie the Madman, Jamar Justice, & Zeiden Lynne
Landon Kross defeated Taylor OneShot by pinfall with a roll-up while Taylor was arguing with PJ the ref
Black Roze defeated Big Juicy by pinfall to retain the TIW Berkshire Championship.
After the match Jimmy Limits came out to question Roze why he cost him the TIW Championship at "End of the Road". Roze responded that Limits left him high and dry when he needed him, so now Roze is getting his time to shine. Justin Rando also came out and said that he was due a shot at the Berkshire title because he was given a last minute replacement match at "End of the Road" that he wasn't prepared for and just wants a fair shot. Foxx Vinyer then came out in a sports coat and attempted to Teddy Long a tag team match, but was interrupted by C.J. Scott who told him that he's the only one who can make matches. That being said, he liked the idea of a tag team with Limits and Rando, but needed a team for them to face. At this point The Dillon STreet Boys rushed in from the audience saying that they are a tag team. THe Audience wanted to see the match, so it was made official.
Jimmy Limits & Justin Rando defeated The Dillon Street Boys by pinfall. The match also involved a game of cornhole...
High Voltage Omar defeated Rico Gasson by pinfall
And in the Main Event...
Scotty Aero w/Damon Ravage defeated Justin Kase w/Tyler Vincent by pinfall.
After the match TV and Justin took out their frustrations on Ravage while Aero bailed.



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