Snow Brawl 2023 Recap

January 21st, 2023

Berkshire Family YMCA

North Adams, MA


Before the main show started fans were treated to a pre-show dark match.
Brattlebrook Bret defeated Taylor OneShot by pinfall
The main card started and got straight to the action.
Shawn Phoenix defeated Foxx Vinyer by pinfall after outside interference from Benjamin Blackwell.
The Scotty Aero Open Challenge was next. And was accepted by TIW newcomer Big Juicy.
Scotty Aero defeated Big Juicy by Submission.
TIW Tag Team Champions Carnivora came out to announce that they did not have opponents for the evening because TwoBuff of Buff Inc contracted COVID. They were interrupted by former Tag Champs D&A who brought up that they were not beaten for the titles as Denim was sick and unable to compete in the ladder match at "The Clash Before Christmas 6" and was replaced by Corey Jackson. Carnivora accepted on the condition that D&A give up all their brass knuckles before the match. After turning in 4 pairs, the match was on. Towards the end Denim produced a 5th pair from under the ring, but missed his attempt to hit Danny Atom, striking his partner Adam instead. This allowed Carnivora to hit a double team finisher.
Carnivora defeated D&A to retain the Tag Team Championships.
After the match Adam planted Denim with a Uranage and left him laying in the ring.
The Gauntlet for a shot at the Berkshire Championship was up next.
Justin Rando pinned Corey Jackson
Justin Rando pinned Kris Jackson
Aaron Roxas defeated Justin Rando by ref stoppage
Aaron Roxas defeated surprise entrant Korbin by submission
Aaron Roxas defeated Jeff Nova by submission
High Voltage Omar pinned Aaron Roxas
High Voltage Omar defeated Damian Slade by submission to win the match.
As intermission was coming to an end a fight broke out in the crowd between Jimmy Limits and Benjamin Blackwell. General Manager "The Wolf" C.J. Scott broke up the fight before changing his mind and telling them they could do whatever they wanted, just finish their beef then. So the match was fought under Falls Count Anywhere rules. The end of the match came as Limits was able to kick out of Blackwell's finisher, but started having an asthma attack. The ref always carries an inhaler for his matches and he asked for it, only for Blackwell to steal it and toss it away.
Benjamin Blackwell defeated Jimmy Limits by submission to retain the TIW Berkshire Championship.
This marked the first time Limits has tapped out in a TIW ring.
The next match was the Triple Threat Tag for a shot at the Tag Team Championships (Originally a 4-Way with D&A). Midway through the match, the Alliance of Violence (Pierre Vachon & Samuel Bolt) interfered and attacked all 6 participants. After which they aired their grievance that they were dominant last show and not only weren't in this match, but weren't booked at all.
Zeiden Lynne & Randy Walker vs The Dillon Street Boys vs Southern Discomfort was declared a no contest.
Jamar Justice defeated Rico Gasson by Ref Stoppage after Rico passed out in a Guillotine Choke.
In the Main Event...
Justin Kase defeated Sweet Money Montgomery by pinfall to retain the TIW Championship.
Post match Jamar Justice hit the ring and after tossing Money from the ring assaulted Justin. C.J. Scott came out to send Jamar to the back before checking on Justin. Justin stated that he wanted a match with Jamar at "February Fallout" and that it would be a submission match. Scott officially announced the match and the main event for our next show is set.


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