Showdown in September Recap


After a long 14 weeks, TIW returned to the Berkshire Family YMCA in North Adams last night for "Showdown in September". We would like to thank the fans who took the time to come out and see us, and while it wasn't one of our larger crowds, they came to enjoy themselves and were very vocal about what the liked and didn't like. We apologize for a lack of advertising on the event and will do better on our next show. Those of you who missed out though, don't fret. We've got all the goings on right here for you in our quick results!
The evening opened with the new TIW Champion Tyler Vincent making his way to the ring to address the fans for the first time since his controversial victory at "End of the Road". However once he got in the ring he was not impressed by the small crowd and decided he wouldn't waste his time and that he would instead be taking the night off. Before he could leave he was interrupted by Jimmy Limits who came out to say that he loves the TIW fans and would preform for them no matter how many of them were in the building and challenged TV to defend his title against him right there. Sweet Money Montgomery had other plans, jumping Limits from behind and throwing him into the ring where TV and Money pummelled him until Guy Sadlowski tried to make the save. Unfortunately, Guy was caught off guard by TV and took a viscious spear to the ribs. Justin Kase then made his presence known with a baseball bat and chased off Money and TV before laying out a challenge for HImself and Limits to face off with Money and TV in the main event, and even agreed to keep the stipulation that if he lost he would not get his title rematch against Tyler Vincent. Money accepted on behalf of them both and they left.
Before Kase, Guy, and Limits could leave the ring though, Benjamin Blackwell dragged Senior Official Adam Brunton down to ringside and demanded his Berkshire Championship match right then and there. Kase and Limits tried to talk Guy out of it, but Guy insisted he could do it. Sadly, he was unable to overcome his injury and lost his Berkshire Championship. 
Your NEW Berkshire Champion Benjamin Blackwell then got on the mic and explained that he hates the Berkshires, but now with the Championship the fans will have to like him because he is the new King of the Berkshires.
The announced Fatal-Four-Way match was switched to a Triple Threat Match when Pillar Dominguez was unable to attend the event.
Jamar Justice defeated Jon Spoor and Jobz in a Triple Threat Match by forcing Spoor to submit to a Crossface.
Carnivora defeated Southern Discomfort via pinall. 
Foxx Vinyer defeated Kyle Brad by Pinfall. Post match they embraced before Kyle Superkicked Foxx and left him laying in the ring.
D&A defeated the Dillon Street Boys by pinfall to retain the TIW Tag Team Championships.
Black Roze defeated Aaron Roxas via pinfall. Post match Roze offered Roxas a handshake, which was accepted. Only for Roxas to attempt to blindside Roze, but Roze was able to avoid and counter, going for his own finisher, before Roxas slipped out of the ring and escaped to the back.
The returning Zeiden Lynne vs Redneck Randy Walked did not take place. Before the bell could ring, Pierre Vachon interrupted and demanded that Samuel Bolt come out and answer his proposal. He then attacked Walker and stood on his throat until Bolt came down. Bolt called Lynne into the ring and told Vachon that they accpeted his invitaion to join forces, but Vachon told Bolt that the offer was only extended to him, not Zeiden. So Bolt beat up Zeiden and joined with the most veterna member of the TIW locker room in what can only be described as the Unholiest of Alliances, and they put the entire locker room on notice that they intend to take over.
In the main event...
Jimmy Limits and Justin Kase defeated Sweet Money Montgomery and TIW Champion Tyler Vincent when Limits pinned Money after a combo Bicycle Kick/Kasekick. TV had left the ring apron minutes before the match ended and watched from the aisle as Money fell. After the match Justin took the mic and said that he's claiming his rematch at "Fall Frenzy" on October 29th, and that he'll be doing so in a Street Fight. TV accept the terms, on one condition. That whoever loses the match, never wrestles again. Justin accepted and the match is official.
So in 6 weeks at "Fall Frenzy" our main event will be
TIW Championship Match
Career vs Career
Justin Kase vs Tyler Vincent(c)
That show will also have the annual TIW 40 Person Rumble Match that will determine the Challenger for the TIW Championship at our 6th Anniversary event on December 10th, 2022 "The Clash Before Christmass 6".
We can also expect Benjamin Blackwell to defend his newly won Berkshire Championship and D&A to defend the TIW Tag TEam CHampionships. We will have updates about these matches and Rumble participants in the coming weeks. And don't forget that Fall Frenzy is our Halloween themed show, so there will be a costume contest for the kids to dress up as their favorite TIW Superstars.
Again, thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you on October 29 for "Fall Frenzy"!


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