Kountry Korbin

Affiliation: N/A


TIW Record

8W - 13L - 0D



Date Event Opponent(s) Match Type Result Record
12.30.17 New Year's Bash

The Savage Wolves

(CJ Scott & Damon Ravage)

Tag Match w/Guy Sadlowski Loss 0-1-0
05.05.18 Student Showcase 1 Dickie James Singles Match Win 1-1-0
06.16.18 End of the Road 2018

C.J. Scott

Lance Madewell

Benjamin Blackwell

Damon Ravage

Elimination Match w/Ryan Duke, Guy SadlowskiDanny AtomSean Miller & Corey Busch Loss 1-2-0
06.30.18 Brawl at Bently Brook 2018

Danny Atom

Guy Sadlowski

Tag Match w/Ryan Duke Loss 1-3-0
08.25.18 Student Showcase 2018

Danny Atom

Samuel Bolt

Triple Threat Match Win 2-3-0
09.08.18 Showdown in September 2018 Benjamin Blackwell Singles Match Win 3-3-0
10.06.18 Fall Frenzy 2018

InZanely Rude

(RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo)

Tag Match w/Guy Sadlowski Loss 3-4-0
10.20.18 Student Showcase 3 Benjamin Blackwell Singles Match Loss 3-5-0
11.03.18 November Knockout 2018

Guy Sadlowski

Danny Atom

Tag Match w/Ryan Duke Win 4-5-0
12.01.18 The Clash Before Christmas 3 Ryan Duke Six Pack Challenge (Also vs. Corey Busch, Sean Miller, Danny Atom & Guy Sadlowski) Loss 4-6-0
12.29.18 New Year's Bash High Voltage Omar Singles Match Loss 4-7-0
01.26.19 Snow Brawl 2019 Guy Sadlowski Singles Match Win 5-7-0
02.23.19 February Fallout 2019

Stiff Mike

Pierre Vachon

Tag Match w/Samuel Bolt Win 6-7-0
03.23.19 Forward March 2019

Nacci Mafia

(Frank Nacci & Dan Nacci)

Handicap Tag Match w/Stiff Mike, Samuel Bolt Win 7-7-0
04.20.19 April Assault 2019 Scotty Aero

Triple Threat Gauntlet

(Also vs. Corey Busch, Freddy Flamingo, Benjamin Blackwell, Sweet Money Montogomery, Sean Miller, Zeiden Lynne, Guy Sadlowski)

(NYCW Empire State Heritage Championship)

Loss 7-8-0
05.18.19 May Meltdown 2019

Nacci Mafia

(Frank Nacci & Dan Nacci)


Six-Man Tag Match w/Damon Ravage & Samuel Bolt Loss 7-9-0
06.01.19 Student Showcase 5 Guy Sadlowski

Mayhem Match (Also vs. Danny Atom)

(TIW Showcase Championship)

Loss 7-10-0
06.15.19 End of the Road 2019

Frank Nacci

Dan Nacci

Justin Kase

CJ Scott

High Voltage Omar

Elimination Tag Match w/Ian Griffin, August Leon, Damon Ravage, Sweet Money Montgomery Win 8-10-0
07.07.19 Brawl at Bentley Brook 2019 Nunzio Singles Match Loss 8-11-0
11.16.19 November Knockout 2019 Samuel Bolt Singles Match (TIW Berkshire Championship) Loss 8-12-0
12.28.19 The Clash After Christmas

Samuel Bolt

Assembly of Sin

(Zeiden Lynne & Vachula)

Trios Match w/Danny Atom & Guy Sadlowski Loss 8-13-0
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