February Fallout

February 18th, 2023

Berkshire Family YMCA

North Adams, MA



It's been two days since "February Fallout" and we're already looking towards "Forward March", which is less than five weeks away. This past Saturday night 200 strong came out to support TIW and we would like to thank all of you for your time and love. But for those of you who couldn't make it to the event, don't worry. As always we are here to let you know what you missed out on and what you have to look forward to at our next event. So without further ado, here are you results from "February Fallout".
In a pre-show Dark Match...
Rickety Rocket & Brody Jackson defeated PJ Gonzalez & Taylor OneShot
On the main card...
Justin Rando defeated Black Roze and Jimmy Limits to earn himself a match for the TIW Berkshire Championship at "Forward March"
Alex Caine came to the ring to tell the fans that he was considering retiring from wrestling. The Dillon Street Boys came out and asked him to reconsider and to be their cornerman in their Trios Match. After which they would go backstage and reminisce about Caine's old partner Ian Griffin. 
The Deep South (Redneck Randy Walker, Brandy Walker, and Zeiden Lynne w/Vachula) defeated The Dillon Street Boys (Corey Busch, Shawn Miller, and Brattlebrook Bret w/ Alex Caine)
Post match, Caine reminded the DSB that Griff was not his only partner in The MuTts. August Leon then hit the ring and he and Caine laid waste to the DSB before declaring that the MuTts are back in TIW.
High Voltage Omar pinned Benjamin Blackwell to win the TIW Berkshire least until Shawn Phoenix brought out Ref PJ to tell Senior Official Adam Brunton that Blackwell had his foot on the ropes. The match was restarted.
Benjamin Blackwell pinned High Voltage Omar to retain the TIW Berkshire Championship.
The Shawn Phoenix Birthday Bash was next. Phoenix and Blackwell brought out a cake and attempted to get the audience to sing happy birthday. It did not go well.
Big Juicy pinned Shawn Phoenix after Blackwell attempted to hit her with the birthday cake, but hit Phoenix instead.
Due to the apparent curse on the Tag Team Championships, this time Russtache was unable to appear because he had COVID. So the match was switched off to a singles match between Danny Atom & 2Buff.
Danny Atom defeated 2Buff.
Southern Discomfort (Bobby & Dougy) defeated The Alliance of Violence (Pierre Vachon & Samuel Bolt w/Lucy) by count-out when The Deep South came out and attacked The Alliance. Per the pre-match stipulation Southern Discomfort gets 2 Hot dogs...with ketchup and mustard...and a shot at the Tag Team Titles.
Sweet Money Montgomery defeated Rico Gasson. 
Post match Rico attacked Ref Gary and hit him with the Shattered Dreams this is the second show in a row that Rico has attacked Gary after a loss.
In the Main Event...
Justin Kase defeated Jamar Justice in a Submission Match via a chair assissted Armbar.
After the match Sweet Money Montgomery got involved, with all three men ready to fight one another. The animosity between these three has reached a breaking point and something has to give.
And that's how it all went down!





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