Scotty Aero

Affiliation: N/A


TIW Record

11W - 19L - 0D





Date Event Opponent(s) Match Type Result Record
12.10.16 The Clash Before Christmas 2016 Kennedi Copeland Singles Match Win 1-0-0
01.28.17 Snowbrawl 2017

Kennedi Copeland

Damon Ravage

Rickety Rocket

Trios Match w/Benjamin Blackwell & Roman Dominguez

Loss 1-1-0
03.11.17 Forward March 2017 Damon Ravage Singles Match Loss 1-2-0
04.22.17 April Assault 2017 AJ Badd Singles Match


05.13.17 May Meltdown 2017

AJ Badd

Kennedi Copeland

Tag Match w/Passionate Paul Loss 1-4-0
06.17.17 End of the Road 2017 Kennedi Copeland Submission Match Loss 1-5-0
06.17.17 End of the Road 2017

AJ Badd

Gauntlet Match (Also vs. Ian Griffin, Rickety Rocket, High Voltage Omar, Kalvin Strange, Jamar Justice, Rob Coleman & Passionate Paul) Loss 1-6-0
07.15.17 Battle in the Berkshires 2017

The Street (Elite Terrell Angel Kross)

Tag Match w/Benjamin Blackwell Loss 1-7-0
08.26.17 Beat the Heat 2017


Kalvin Strange

Tag Match w/Benjamin Blackwell Win 2-7-0
11.11.17 November Knockout 2017 JP O'Reilly Singles Match Loss 2-8-0
12.02.17 The Clash Before Christmas 2

The Savage Wolves (C.J. Scott Damon Ravage)

Tag Match w/Benjamin Blackwell Win 3-8-0
12.30.17 New Year's Bash 2017

The Street (Elite Terrell Angel Kross)

Tag Match w/Benjamin Blackwell (TIW Tag Team Championship) Loss 3-9-0
01.27.18 Snowbrawl 2018 Benjamin Blackwell Singles Match Loss 3-10-0
02.24.18 February Fallout 2018 C.J. Scott Singles Match Win 4-10-0
03.24.18 Forward March 2018

Benjamin Blackwell

Kennedi Copeland

Tyler Vincent

Trios Match w/The Stepdads (Radley Belmont & Wade Krueger) Win 5-10-0
04.21.18 April Assault 2018 Benjamin Blackwell Treasure Chest Challenge Win 6-10-0
05.19.18 May Meltdown 2018 Rickety Rocket Singles Match Win 7-10-0
06.16.18 End of the Road 2018 Justin Kase Singles Match Win 8-10-0
06.30.18 Brawl at Bently Brook 2018 Lance Madewell Singles Match Win 9-10-0
06.30.18 Brawl at Bently Brook 2018

Jimmy Limits

4-Way Dance (Also vs. 

C.J. Scott Benjamin Blackwell) (Bentley Brook Championship)

Loss 9-11-0
07.14.18 Battle in the Berkshires 2018

High Voltage Omar

Triple Threat Match (Also vs. Justin Kase) (TIW Championship)

Loss 9-12-0
08.11.18 Beat the Heat 2018 Tyler Vincent Singles Match Loss 9-13-0
08.25.18 Student Showcase 2 Ryan Duke Singles Match Win 10-13-0
09.08.18 Showdown in September 2018

Lance Madewell

Justin Kase

Tag Match w/Stiff Mike Loss 10-14-0
10.06.18 Fall Frenzy 2018 Lance Madewell Singles Match Loss 10-15-0
11.03.18 November Knockout 2018

Lance Madewell

The Stepdads (Radley Belmont & Wade Krueger)

Trios w/Joey Adams & Samuel Bolt Loss 10-16-0
12.01.18 The Clash Before Christmas 3

InZanely Rude (RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo)

Triple Threat Tag w/King Leon VI (Also vs. The Stepdads) Loss 10-17-0
04.20.19 April Assault 2019

Korbin Dayne

Corey Busch

Freddy Flamingo

Benjamin Blackwell

Sweet Money Montgomery

Sean Miller

Zeiden Lynne

Guy Sadlowski

NYCW Empire State Heritage Championship Gauntlet Win 11-17-0
06.01.19 Student Showcase 5

Dillon Street Boys

(Corey Busch & Sean Miller)

Tag Match w/Benjamin Blackwell Loss 11-18-0
07.07.19 Brawl at Bentley Brook 2019 Danny Atom Singles Match Loss 11-19-0
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