Kennedi Copeland

Affiliation: none


TIW Record

9W - 11L - 0D





Date Event Opponent(s) Match Type Result
12.10.16 The Clash Before Christmas 2016 Scotty Aero Singles Match Loss
01.28.17 Snowbrawl 2017

Scotty Aero

Benjamin Blackwell

Roman Dominguez

6-Man Tag Match with Damon Ravage & Rickety Rockett

03.11.17 Forward March 2017 Benjamin Blackwell Singles Match Loss
04.22.17 April Assault 2017 Dangerkid Singles Match Win via. DQ
05.13.17 May Meltdown 2017

Scotty Aero

Passionate Paul

Tag Match with AJ Badd Win
06.17.17 End of the Road 2017 Scotty Aero Submission Match Win
07.15.17 Battle in the Berkshires 2017

Lance Madewell

Zack Clayton


Fatal 4-Way Match Loss
08.26.17 Beat the Heat 2017 Passionate Paul Singles Match Win
09.23.17 Showdown in September 2017

Damon Ravage

Justin Kase

Rob Coleman

Fatal 4-Way Loss
10.21.17 Fall Frenzy 2017

RJ Rude

Zane Bernardo

K. Michael Strange

JP O'Reilly

Triple Threat Tag with Lance Madewell Loss
11.11.17 November Knockout 2017

High Voltage Omar

Jamar Justice

Roman Dominguez

6-Man Elimination Tag with Lance Madewell & Rickety Rockett Win
12.02.17 The Clash Before Christmas 2017 Rickey Reyes Singles Win
12.30.17 New Year's Bash 2017

Ian Griffin

Alex Caine

August Leon

6-Man Tag with Foxx Vinyer and Jimmy Limits Loss
01.27.18 Snowbrawl 2018 High Voltage Omar

TIW Championship

Singles Match

02.24.18 February Fallout 2018

Roman Dominguez

Benjamin Blackwell


Fatal 4-way Loss
03.24.18 Forward March 2018

Scotty Aero

Radley Belmont

Wade Krueger

6-Man Tag  with Benjamin Blackwell and Tyler Vincent Loss
05.19.18 May Meltdown 2018

Jamar Justice

Roman Dominguez

Tag with Tyrek Loss
06.16.18 End of the Road 2018 Classic K. Strange Singles Match Loss
07.14.18 Battle in the Berkshires 2018 Guy Sadlowski Singles Match Win
08.11.18 Beat the Heat 2018 Foxx Vinyer Singles Match Win


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