Snowbrawl 2018

January 27th, 2018

Berkshire Mall


Singles Match

Tyler Vincent def. Kalvin Michael Strange via. Pinfall


Singles Match

C.J. Scott def. Danny Atom via. Pinfall


Number 1 Contender's TIW Tag-Team Championship Match

Jamar Justice and Roman Dominguez def. Dangerkid and Alexander Lee & Foxx Vinyer and Jimmy Limits via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Ian Griffin def. Andrew James via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Benjamin Blackwell def. Scotty Aero via. Pinfall


 Singles Match

Damon Ravage def. Zack Clayton via. Pinfall


TIW Tag-Team Championship Match

Elite Terrell and Angel Kross def. Alex Caine and August Leon via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Lance Madewell def. Justin Kase via. Pinfall


TIW Championship Match

High Voltage Omar def. Kennedi Copeland via. Pinfall


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