Fall Frenzy 2018

October 6th, 2018

Berkshire Mall


Pre-Show Singles Match

Corey Dillenger def. Joey Adams via. Pinfall


Tag-Team Match

Zane Bernardo and RJ Rude def. Korbin Dayne and Guy Sadlowski via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Samuel Bolt (w/ Lucy Bolt) def. Rickety Rocket via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Lance Madewell def. Scotty Aero via. Submission


Singles Match

Foxx Vinyer def. Rickey Reyes via. Pinfall


TIW Tag-Team Championship Match

Jamar Justice and Roman Dominguez def. Radley Belmont and Wade Krueger via. Disqualification


Dog Collar Match

Justin Kase def. Stiff Mike via. Pinfall


Singles Match

King Leon the 6th def. Benjamin Blackwell via. Pinfall


TIW Championship Match

Elite Terrell def. Angel Kross via. Pinfall


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