Back to Business: What Went Down?


Ring announcer Shawn Jacobs welcomed the fans to the event before introducing TIW General Manager "The Wolf" C.J. Scott. Wolf came to the ring and again thanked all of the fans for showing up on a snowy evening for a night of professional wrestling action before calling out the roster for the Back to Business Battle Royal to get the evening started off right.
Samuel Bolt won the Back to Business Battle Royal, last eliminating Korbin Dayne, earning himself a spot in the main event. TIW Champion Justin Kase entered the ring only to receive a chokeslam from Bolt.
Benjamin Blackwell made his way to the ring before the next match and called GM Scott back to the ring. The two engaged in a verbal altercation that almost became physical over Blackwell's perceived mistreatment at the hands of Scott. Wolf apologized for losing his temper before leaving the ring. He also said that if Blackwell finds himself a partner he can challenge the winner of the upcoming Tag Team Championship Match. Blackwell sat in on commentary for the following match.
Next up was the Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match for the vacant TIW Tag Team Championships. Denim Kovic & Adam Stone (D&A) were out first followed by Danny Atom & Russtache (Carnivora) and then the third team was revealed to be the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in TIW history Wade Kruger & Radley Belmont (The StepDads). In a shocking turn of events, D&A eliminated the StepDads when Adam struck Wade with a pair of brass knuckles behind the referee's back. And they almost pulled off the same trick twice, before Carnivora rallied in the closing moments to hit a Double Osaka Street Cutter which they call The Chaos Cascade on Denim to win the Tag Team Championships.
Before we could move on to the following match up, 3 newcomers to TIW, Corey Jackson, Dylan Nix, & Aaron Roxas come down to the ring to complain that they had all driven a very long distance to be there that night only for a brief few minutes in the battle royal and were not content to just collect their money and leave, they wanted a match. The call was answered by former TIW Berkshire Champion Redneck Randy Walker and another newcomer Danny Divine. When the men in the ring balked at the idea Redneck Randy introduced the return of Pierre "The Beast" Vachon who hyped the crowd into a frenzy and we were off on an impromptu 6-Man Tag Team match.
Redneck Randy Walker, Danny Divine, and Pierre Vachon defeated Dylan Nix, Aaron Roxas, and Corey Jackson.
"Firework" Foxx Vinyer defeated Ryan Fraust by pinfall to retain the NYCW Fight Club Championship.
During intermission it was announced the we will be returning to the Berkshire Family YMCA in North Adams on April 16th, for April Assault.
Guy Sadowski defeated Jimmy Limits by pinfall to retain the TIW Berkshire Championship. After the match Limits shook Guy's hand and raised his arm for the crowd before leaving the ring.
Due to car issues, High Voltage Omar was unable to attend the event, so Jamar Justice took on newcomer Jeff Nova. Nova tried his best, but Jamar was just too much for him to handle.
Jamar Justice defeated Jeff Nova by pinfall. After the match Ryan Duke went and got a chair for Jamar to use on Nova, when they were interrupted by the return of Roman Dominguez. Roman challenged Jamar to a fight, but Jamar bailed and let Duke take a beating. Roman stated in no uncertain terms that he is back and he wants the Dignified name back from Jamar and Duke.
Scotty Aero defeated Brutal Bob Evans by pinfall.
In the Main Event TIW Champion "The Real Deal" Justin Kase defeated Samuel Bolt by pinfall after catching Bolt with a Kasekick while Bolt was in midair.
As Shawn Jacobs was thanking the fans and telling them to get home safe familiar music hit and "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent, former 2 time TIW Champion, made his way down to the ring. He offered Kase congratulations, but finished by saying that he wasn't sure yet if he was here to endorse Kase as the next guy to lead the company, or if he was here to "Kick his @$$". TV then left the ring, with Just saying that he would see Vincent in April.
TV then left the ring, with Just saying that he would see Vincent in April.
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