Snow Brawl: What Went Down


In a special preshow match, Devantes defeated Joshua Wells by pinfall.


The main show started with General Manager C.J. Scott coming to the ring and announcing that he will be taking his GM duties more seriously and will no longer be on commentary to focus on running the show. He was interrupted by none other than Former General Manager Mark Adam Haggerty. When Wolf pointed out that MAH no longer worked for TIW, Haggerty informed him that he was there as a manager for Tunku Amir. Amir came to the ring and C.J. announced that he already has an opponent lined up for him and brought out "The Moonlight Son" Mike Skyros.


Mike Skyros defeated Tunku Amir by pinfall. Post match, Haggerty berated Amir and vowed it would not be the end of Mark Haggerty.


The Dignified (Jamar Justice, Miss DeVille, Ryan Duke) defeated The Dillon Street Boys (Sean Miller, Corey Busch, Brattlebrook Bret) when DeVille pinned Busch with a handful of tights.


Ian Griffin defeated Dajae Simone by pinfall.


Korbin Dayne won a Fatal Four Way match against Denim Kovic, Damian Slade, and Moonshine McCready by pinning both Denim and Slade after a double HMB.


Up next was the Mystery Partners Tag Team Match. Damon Ravage came to ring to announce his partner. He called out his brother C.J. Scott so he could see the look on his face when he announced that his partner was none other than Sweet Money Montgomery, who C.J. had demoted to referee back in November. Justin Kase came out and announced that his partner was a good friend of his Redneck Randy Walker.


Damon Ravage & Sweet Money Montgomery vs Justin Kase & Randy Walker ended in a no contest when it broke down into a brawl. C.J. Scott then signed a match for the next show between Damon and Justin and to sweeten the pot, he made it for Number One Contendership for the TIW Championship.


During intermission, Made in Black (Lance Madewell & Benjamin Blackwell) interrupted the raffle drawing to complain about their lost tag title opportunity and that they were not booked on this evening's card. So C.J. told them they could have a match if they got out of the ring and stopped wasting everybody's time.


The StepDads (Wade Krueger & Radley Belmont) defeated the Assembly Of Sin (Vachula & TIW Berkshire Champion Samuel Bolt w/ Lucy Bolt) by pinning Vachula after a Father's Day Device. They retained the TIW Tag Team Championships and extend their undefeated streak.


Danny Atom defeated Brutal Bob Evans by pinfall. Post match, Bob congratulated him and told the fans to continue to support TIW and help us grow.


Made in Black came to the ring and demanded to know who they were facing. C.J. Scott came out and announced they would be facing D-Unit. Madewell and Blackwell felt disrespected by the choice, but C.J. claimed they were all he could get on 20 minutes notice.


Made in Black defeated D-Unit (Pinto Negro & Craneo Ebrio w/Silvero Castro) by pinfall over Ebrio. They then beat up Castro. There was something strangely familiar about the members of D-Unit...


Jimmy Limits defeated Guy Sadlowski by submission. After the match Mark Haggerty returned with Tunku Amir and Devantes who proceeded to beat on Guy some more until Danny Atom and Korbin Dayne came out to even the odds. Atom challenged Limits to put the title on the line against him. Mark Haggerty then claimed that Limits could defeat both Atom and Dayne at the same time. C.J. came back out to congratulate Mark on his great idea for the next show and booked a Triple Threat Match for the TIW Championship at our next event.

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