Randy Walker

Affiliation: none

TIW Record

1W - 6L - 0D




Date Event Opponent(s) Match Type Result
05.13.17 May Meltdown 2017

Roman Dominguez



06.17.17 End of the Road 2017


Alexander Lee

Elite Terrell

Angel Kross

Tag with Rickety Rockett Loss
08.26.17 Beat the Heat 2017 Justin Kase Singles Match Loss
10.21.17 Fall Frenzy 2017

Wade Kruger

Radley Belmont

Shane Alden

Eric Alden

Triple Threat Tag with Ed Briggs Loss
02.24.18 February Fallout 2018

Skinny Samurai

Husky Ninja

Tag with Rickety Rockett Win
05.19.18 May Meltdown 2018

Alex Caine

August Leon

Tag with Dickie James Loss
06.30.18 Brawl at Bently Brook 2018 C.J. Scott Singles Match Loss
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