Randy Walker

Affiliation: none

TIW Record

2W - 6L - 0D




Date Event Opponent(s) Match Type Result Record
05.13.17 May Meltdown 2017

Roman Dominguez



06.17.17 End of the Road 2017


Alexander Lee

Elite Terrell

Angel Kross

Tag with Rickety Rockett Loss 0-2-0
08.26.17 Beat the Heat 2017 Justin Kase Singles Match Loss 0-3-0
10.21.17 Fall Frenzy 2017

Wade Kruger

Radley Belmont

Shane Alden

Eric Alden

Triple Threat Tag with Ed Briggs Loss 0-4-0
02.24.18 February Fallout 2018

Skinny Samurai

Husky Ninja

Tag with Rickety Rockett Win 1-4-0
05.19.18 May Meltdown 2018

Alex Caine

August Leon

Tag with Dickie James Loss 1-5-0
06.30.18 Brawl at Bently Brook 2018 C.J. Scott Singles Match Loss 1-6-0
09.08.18 Showdown in September 2018 Danny Atom Singles Match Win 2-6-0
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