The Clash After Christmas: What Went Down


In a pre-show match Theodore J Liftington defeated Steven Lust by pinfall.


The main show started with GM C.J. Scott coming to the ring to welcome the fans and announce the "Deck the Halls Battle Royal". He was interrupted by Lance Madewell who was irate that he had been denied his shot at the Tag Team Championship due to Benjamin Blackwell being injured. He then announced that he would be entering the Battle Royal with the intention of being the first 2x winner and earning the Championship Match next month.


Guy Sadlowski won the "Deck the Halls Battle Royal" last eliminating Lance Madewell. He then celebrated with Danny Atom and Korbin Dayne.


Ian Griffin defeated Nate Nastic by pinfall. Griffin then cut a promo about being a new man and running down his former tag partner August Leon, who was not in attendance and is still injured after the attack from Griffin last month.


Damon Ravage defeated Damien Slade by pinfall.


The StepDads (Wade Krueger & Radley Belmont) defeated InZanely Rude (Zane Bernardo & RJ Rude) by pinfall to retain the TIW Tag Team Championships.


After Intermission Jimmy Limits came to the ring to run down Guy Sadlowski and was interrupted by High Voltage Omar who made no bones about the fact that Limits had to make it through him before even thinking about Guy next month.


The Assembly of Sin (Vachula, Zeiden Lynne, and Samuel Bolt) w/Lucy Bolt defeated War & Peace (Guy Sadlowski & Danny Atom) and Korbin Dayne when Bolt pinned Atom. Per the match stipulation Bolt will not defend his Championship against Guy, Atom, or Dayne next show.


Mr. Mann interrupted ring announcer Pi to announce a new team to TIW, D&A (Denim Kovic & Adam Stone).


The Dillon Street Boys (Sean Miller & Corey Busch) w/Brattlebrook Bret defeated D&A w/Mr. Mann by disqualification when Corey hit himself with a flask while Billy Madewell's back was turned. When Billy turned around Adam was holding the flask and Corey was knocked out so he disqualified Adam and Denim.


Justin Kase defeated Redneck Randy Walker by pinfall. Randy had injured his knee in the Battle Royal earlier in the night but refused to bow out of the match. Justin gave him opportunity to quit, but Randy demanded Justin beat him clean. After the match Damon Ravage tried to attack Justin like last month, but Kase saw him coming and Damon just barely avoided a KaseKick before bailing and leaving ringside.


Jimmy Limits defeated High Voltage Omar by pinfall to retain the TIW Championship.

Post match, Omar thanked the fans in attendance and told them to keep coming out and supporting TIW. We at TIW thank Omar for his many years in the company and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

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