New Year's Bash 2018: What Went Down

The final show of the 2018 TIW Season is in the record books and it was a doozy to say the least. With over 200 fans in attendance, the place was rocking until the very end of the night and things looking towards 2019 are quite shocking. If you couldn't make it out last night, here are your quick results for TIW's "New Year's Bash".


In a pre-show match, Sweet Money Montgomery defeated Conan Lycan by pinfall.


The main show opened with NEW TIW Champion Jimmy Limits coming to the ring to address the fans. The fans however were not interested in what he had to say and booed him loudly every time he attempted to talk. When he did finally get a chance to air his grievances, he was interrupted by Mark Adam Haggerty who claimed that his goals for 2018 were not yet met. After Limits bailed due to the disrespect he had been shown by the fans and Haggerty, we found out what those goals were. He wanted to manage the TIW Champion and be the General Manager of TIW. GM Paul LaPorte came to ringside to tell him that he clearly wasn't going to make it on his goals. But, Mark suggested a wager: If the TIW Championship did not leave with one of his contracted wrestlers at the end of the night, he would leave TIW forever. But if he was somehow able to pull it off, then he would get Paul's job as GM. He also promised to fire ring announcer Daniel Perruzzi as his first order of business. Tantalized by the idea of an existence without Haggerty, LaPorte accepted the wager.


Haggerty then announcing Kyle Brad to the ring for his match against Tyler Vincent.


Tyler Vincent defeated Kyle Brad by disqualification when Foxx Vinyer ran in and attacked TV. He and Brad proceeded to beat down TV until the returning Justin Kase made the save. GM LaPorte came back out to announce that he was making a tag team match for later in the night: Kyle Brad & Foxx Vinyer vs Tyler Vincent & Justin Kase.


InZanely Rude (RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo) defeated The Nacci Mafia (Frank & Dan Nacci) when RJ pinned Frank after a Superplex/Springboard splash combo.


Angel Kross defeated Samuel Bolt, Ian Griffin, and Guy Sadlowski in a Fatal Four Way match by pinning Bolt. During the match, Korbin Dayne ran down to ringside and attacked Guy, putting his head in the stairs and blasting it with a chair. Guy was helped to the back.


The StepDads (Wade Krueger & Radley Belmont) defeated The Mutts (August Leon & Janus) when Radley countered a pin from Janus into a crucifix pin. After the match, Ian Griffin and August Leon blamed Janus for their recent losses and beat him up. 


High Voltage Omar defeated Korbin Dayne (replacing Foxx Vinyer who was put in a different match) by pinfall after a stalling suplex. He also hit him with a Shock Drop post-match.


Tyler Vincent & Justin Kase defeated Foxx Vinyer & Kyle Brad when Kase hit Brad with a Top Rope Crossbody for the 3 count.


Ryan Duke defeated Danny Atom by pinfall with a Sit-out Spinebuster after Atom hit his head on an exposed turnbuckle.


The Dignified (Roman Dominguez & Jamar Justice) defeated Benjamin Blackwell & Lance Madewell by pinfall to retain the TIW Tag Team Championships after hitting Madewell with an errant low blow and a hoisted slam.


In the main event, Jimmy Limits retained the TIW Championship when he defeated Elite Terrell. Elite seemingly had the match won with a 450 Splash when Mark Adam Haggerty dragged the ref out of the ring. While he was arguing with the ref, Kyle Brad snuck in and hit Elite with a Superkick and Limits crawled over and locked him in his Limit Break submission hold. The ref returned to the ring and found Elite passed out in the hold and declared Limits the victor. After which Haggerty got in the ring and revealed that he was actually Jimmy's manager and had therefore won the wager with Paul, making him the new General Manager of TIW.


In his first order of business, he fired long time ring announcer Daniel Perruzzi.


TIW's next event is "Snow Brawl" coming to you live from the TIW Arena on January 26th. With Mark Adam Haggerty in control, who knows where things will go from here!


Thank you again to all of our loyal fans. Without you, there is no TIW. We will be back in the new year. See you in 2019!



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