February Fallout 2019: What Went Down


Kirby Wackerman won a triple threat match against Jon Spoor and Frank Jager.


The main card opened with the arrival of the Funboyz (GM Mark Adam Haggerty, Kyle "With the Good Hair" Brad and TIW Champion Jimmy Limits). Mark announced that after firing Dan Duffy as head of security for allowing Tyler Vincent, Elite Terrell and High Voltage Omar to get involved last month, he has hired a new head of Funboy Security, Sweet Money Montgomery.


He then went on to announce that as Kyle is "undefeated" he is deserving of being the first ever TIW Berkshire Champion. Mark presented Kyle with the new Championship, but was interrupted by Redneck Randy Walker who goaded Kyle into letting him wrestle for the Championship later in the evening.



TIW Tag Team Champions The Dignified (Roman Dominguez & Jamar Justice w/Ryan Duke) defeated War & Peace (Danny Atom & Guy Sadlowski) to retain the Championships.

After the match, as The Dignified were exiting, they were greeted by Classic Kalvin Strange who has been MIA for many months. He congratulated them on being the best in TIW before getting into the ring and laying out an challenge for Kirby Wackerman to face him in a match on the main card. Kirby was only too happy to accept the challenge, even though his arm was badly injured in his match on the pre-show.


Classic Kalvin Strange defeated Kirby Wackerman by pinfall.


Outsider Korbin Dayne & Samuel Bolt w/Lucy Bolt defeated Pierre "The Beast" Vachon & Stiff Mike when Dayne pinned Vachon after Mike turned on him. The three men continued to beat on Vachon until The Nacci Mafia (Frank & Dan Nacci) came out to chase them off and help Vachon to his feet.


Firework Foxx Vinyer defeated "Hard Hitting" Bobby Ocean by pinfall after a low blow while the ref's back was turned.


After intermission, there was a Tag Team Gauntlet Match to determine the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Championships at "Forward March".


The Nacci Mafia defeated Made in Black (Benjamin Blackwell & Lance Madewell) after a miscommunication by Blackwell caused Lance to be distracted.


The Nacci Mafia defeated The Dillon Street Boys (Corey Busch & Sean Miller) by pinfall after hitting Miller with "Stir the Sauce"


The Mutts (Ian Griffin & August Leon) defeated The Nacci Mafia by pinfall after a Muttzer Driver on Frank.


The StepDads (Wade Krueger & Radley Belmont) defeated the Mutts by pinfall after a Stunner/German Suplex Combo on Griffin.


The StepDads defeated The Maine State Posse (DangerKid & Alexander Lee) by pinfall after a Father's Day Device on DangerKid. This was the final elimination, making the StepDads the new Number One Contenders.


They were then ambushed from behind and beaten senseless by The Dignified, who took special care to make this a personal assault. Radley's Arm was crushed inside of a chair and Wade was hit multiple times in the head to the point that even security couldn't do anything to help and could only stand by until it was over and then help The StepDads to the back.


Redneck Randy Walker defeated Kyle Brad to become the TIW Berkshire Champion. TIW Official Nick Zeno counted the 3 on a pinned Randy, only to realize that Randy's foot was under the bottom rope and therefore the match continued. While Kyle was arguing with Nick and Nick was telling Marty Lamont that the match would continue, Tyler Vincent snuck into the ring and hit Kyle with a brutal spear before pulling Randy on top of him. The ref saw the pin and counted the victory for Walker.


Post match, Mark Adam Haggerty attempted to change the decision of the match only to be surprised by the return of Paul LaPorte. Paul explained that while Mark is indeed the General Manager of TIW, Paul only ever agreed to the wager because he was actually stepping out of the GM role anyway as he was promoted to the Board of Directors. He then used his authority over the company as a whole to overrule Mark's decision and recognize Redneck Randy Walker as the first ever TIW Berkshire Champion.


In a fit of rage, Mark booked a singles match between Kyle Brad and Tyler Vincent for next month's show "Forward March".


In the Main Event of the evening, Jimmy Limits defeated Justin Kase to retain the TIW Championship when Kase passed out while locked in the Limit Break submission.


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