May Meltdown 2019: What Went Down



The night started with General Manager Mark Adam Haggerty calling out the Funboyz to address the incident at Forward March where he was knocked out by TIW Champion Jimmy Limits during an attack on Bobby Ocean. After dressing down Limits, Kyle Brad, and Sweet Money Montgomery, he announced that whomever lost that night would be out of the group.. He then called Paul LaPorte to the ring and proposed a 5-on-5 tag team elimination match at "End of the Road" to determine who is the greatest General Manager in TIW history. Paul accepted the challenge and the match is set for June 15th.


The last order of business was for Haggerty to call Tough Guy Inc to the ring. He announced that he had a special match planned for them and that their opponents were each other. And if they refused to have a match they would both be fired.


Tough Tim Hughes vs Brutal Bob Evans ended in a double disqualification. Tim and Bob started the match and then decided that first they were going to beat up Haggerty. Kyle Brad and Sweet Money ran out and attacked them, but were taken out by Bob and Tim. They then decided to "attack" referee Tim Vachula by tickling him do get themselves disqualified. A furious Haggerty then decided to fire both of them anyway.


TIW Berkshire Champion Redneck Randy Walker defeated August Leon by pinfall with a roll up to retain the Championship.


Alexander Lee defeated Benjamin Blackwell by pinfall.


The Funboyz (Kyle Brad & Sweet Money w/Mark Adam Haggerty) defeated War & Peace (Danny Atom & Guy Sadlowski), The Dignified (Jamar Justice & Ryan Duke), and The Dillon Street Boys (Corey Busch & Sean Miller w/Brattlebrook Bret) in a Four Way tag team match to become the Number One Contenders to the TIW Tag Team Championships. Shenanigans were aplenty at the end of this match. Benjamin Blackwell distracted Danny Atom, causing him to get rolled up by Kyle Brad for the pin. The Dignified and Dillon Street Boys were fighting on the floor when Ryan Duke attacked Guest Timekeeper Kennedi Copeland. She did not take kindly to the attack and proceeded to brawl with him.


After intermission, Damon Ravage came to the ring to address his actions at "April Assault". He called his brother, C.J. Scott out to the ring and proceeded to run him down. Ravage blamed Scott for not being there when he needed him at last year's "End of the Road" when Kyle Brad attacked him after the 5 on 5 Tag Match. C.J. was clearly unprepared for this and didn't know what to say. Damon then brought out his "new friends", Samuel Bolt and Korbin Dayne. C.J. claimed he wasn't prepared to wrestle, but did come up with suitable opponents for them. The Nacci Mafia (Frank & Dan Nacci) then arrived. Since it still left the teams uneven, he also brought out former WWE and ECW star Nunzio.


The Nacci Mafia & Nunzio defeated OKD, Samuel Bolt, and Damon Ravage by pinfall on Samuel after a "Stir the Sauce", Damon had taken OKD and left ringside after Bolt accidentally hit him with an elbow drop.


TIW Champion Jimmy Limits w/Mark Adam Haggerty defeated Lance Madewell by pinfall in a "Pick Your Poison" match. During the match, the referee was knocked down. Haggerty planned to hit Madewell with a chair before Benjamin Blackwell came out and took the chair away from Haggerty, which lead to Madewell performing The Mouth of Madness on the GM. Blackwell then handed the chair to Madewell, inferring that he attack the champion with it. Unwilling to take the easy way out, Madewell threw down the chair and refused, turning into a pump kick from a revived Limits for the win.


Ian Griffin defeated Zeiden Lynne by Pinfall.


In the Main Event, TIW Tag Team Champions The StepDads (Radley Belmont & Wade Krueger) defeated The Maine State Posse (DangerKid & Aiden AGGRO) by pinfall to retain the TIW Tag Team Championships.

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