End of the Road 2019: What Went Down



In the Fatal Four-Way Redneck Invitational, Samuel Bolt caused Redneck Randy Walker to pass out in his modified Dragon Sleeper and became the NEW TIW Berkshire Champion. This match also included Angel Kross and Zeiden Lynne.


The Dillon Street Boys (Corey Busch & Sean Miller) & Kennedi Copeland defeated The Dignified (Ryan Duke, Jamar Justice, & Roman Dominguez) when all 3 pinned Roman. After the match, Roman gave a heartfelt speech and announced his retirement from professional wrestling. He was then assaulted by Justice and Duke who beat him mercilessly and crushed his leg with a chair.


Still Life with Apricots and Pears defeated Elite Terrell via submission.


The StepDads (Wade Krueger & Radley Belmont) defeated The FunBoyz (Foxx Vinyer & Kyle Brad) by pinfall after the Father's Day Device on Foxx.


The 5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match was up next. After the FunBoyz Wolfpac (Ian Griffin, August Leon, Korbin Dayne, Damon Ravage, & Sweet Money Montgomery) came to the ring, Paul LaPorte revealed his team: The Nacci Mafia (Frank & Dan Nacci), Justin Kase, C.J. Scott, and a returning High Voltage Omar.


C.J. Scott pinned Damon Ravage
Korbin Dayne Pinned C.J. Scott
Dan Nacci pinned Ian Griffin
August Leon pinned Frank Nacci
Sweet Money pinned Dan Nacci
Korbin Dayne pinned Justin Kase
HVO pinned August Leon
HVO pinned Korbin Dayne
Sweet Money pinned HVO to win the match for his team.


After the match, GM Mark Adam Haggerty chose to gloat about his victory and proclaimed his reign as GM to be the best ever. He also stated that Jimmy Limits would retain his Championship in the main event. Paul proposed a wager that if Limits did defeat Tyler Vincent in the main event, the Board of Directors would cede control of TIW to him. However if TV won, Haggerty would have to resign as GM and termintae his contract. Mark accepted and then afterwards explained that when he won, he would not be finding a new venue, he would be closing TIW for good.


Insane Dick Lane defeated Chris Volta by pinfall after a Superpowered Chokeslam.


Made in Black (Lance Madewell & Benjamin Blackwell) defeated War & Peace (Danyy Atom & Guy Sadlowski) by pinfall after Lance used a chair on both members of War & Peace and Powerbombered Guy. After the match, Lance and Blackwell explained that they were sick of trying to play by the rules and losing all the time and that pandering to the fans of TIW never got them anywhere so now they would be doing things their way.


In the Main Event, "Mr. Must See" Tyler Vincent pinned Jimmy Limits to become the only 2 time TIW Champion in history. Limits attempted to avoid TV by rolling out of the ring and playing mind games, but TV was able to capitalize on a distracted Limits and hit him with 2 spears and a Scissor Kick to become the new Champion. Per the wager earlier in the night, Haggerty would have to resign. He attempted to attack Paul, only to be caught and held by TV while Daniel Perruzzi, who was fired 6 months ago by Mark slapped him. TV then took Haggerty and threw him into one of the porta potties that had been rented for the event.

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