The Clash Before Christmas 2017

Deceber 2nd, 2017

Berkshire Mall


Deck the Halls Battle Royal

High Voltage Omar won and is the new #1 contender for the TIW Championship


Tag-Team Match

Benjamin Blackwell & Scotty Aero def. C.J. Scott & Damon Ravage via. Pinfall


PAPW Intercontinental Championship Mircale on 34th Street Fight

RJ Rude def. Zane Bernardo via. Pinfall


3-on-1 Gauntlet Match

Ian Griffin, Alex Caine, & August Leon def. Foxx Vinyer


Singles Match

Kennedi Copeland def. Rickey Reyes via. Submission


6-Man Tag-Team Match

High Voltage Omar, Roman Dominguez, & Jamar Justice def. JP O'Reilly, Rickety Rockett, & Kalvin Michael Strange via. Pinfall


TIW Tag-Team Championship Match

Elite Terrell & Angel Kross def. Radley Belmont & Wade Krueger via. Pinfall


Singles Match

Justin Kase def. Lance Madewell via. Pinfall


 TIW Championship 4-Way Ladder Match

Tyler Vincent def. RJ Rude, Tyrek, & Zack Clayton

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